Soldier Creek to Lamoille Canyon

Day 1

This hike is similar to the hike I did from Krenka Creek to Lamoille Canyon but this time we started at the trailhead at Soldier Creek. This is a hard hike to do in only two days. Most of the hike is off trail and on top of the Rubys.
There are a good four ridges to hike out of and all of these are steep as heck and the only trail you will find would be a game trail. But this is a beautiful hike that takes you passed Hidden, Soldier, Robinson, Cold and Verdi Lakes. If it is wildlife that you like we have seen mule deer, mountain goats and coyotes on this hike.
We drove through the town of Lamoille and out along the Rubys on county route 703 to the trailhead at Soldier Creek. We started hiking at 0623 hrs on the 17th of August. We followed the trail and were at the wilderness boundary at 0645 hrs. By 08:00 hrs. we were at a fork in the trail. We headed right toward Robinson Lake.
The trail goes passed Hidden Lakes, which sits on a shelf above the trail, Soldier Lakes and Robinson Lake. We were at Robinson Lake at 10:00. We would have been there sooner but we flushed around half a dozen ruffed grouse from the trail and spent some time tracking them down to get some photos. While doing that we also jumped a couple of mule deer.
Once you get to Robinson Lake hike passed the lake and head up the ridge to the saddle. Here is a good view above the lake . You should be able to find a game trail part way up the ridge. This will lead you right to the lowest piont in the saddle where you cross over the ridge into the Middle Fork of Cold Creek. We were on top of the saddle at 11:28 hrs. Time for lunch.
After you cross over the ridge keep Robinson Lake to your back. After a short while you will be able to see where Cold Lakes is located. We hiked along the ridge and then once we could see the trail that leads to the lake we dropped down to it and followed that trail to the lakes. We were at Cold Lakes at 12:52 hrs. That was with a 20 min lunch at the saddle above Robinson Lake.
We headed out of Cold Lakes at 13.30 hrs. with extra water for supper and breakfast as there would be no water on top. We were on top of Cold Lakes at 14:26 hrs. It didn't take long to see a mountain goat . We headed across the top of the Rubys at an elevation of around 10,400 ft. We finally made camp at 17:00 hrs. We had seen a total of three goats and two mule deer before we made camp.

Day 2

This day would be the hardest of the two to hike. At 0640 hrs. on the 18th of August 03 we headed out of camp with some easy hiking toward Thorpe Creek. At 0820 hrs. we were looking down at Thorpe Creek and at 0905 hrs. we were ready to refill our water bottles.
Now for the hard part. We would have to pull ourselves out of Thorpe Creek from an elevation of around 9200 ft. to the saddle between Thorpe Creek and Verdi Lake which was at 10.800 ft. We did this by following the canyon back all the way until we ran out of canyon. We arrived at the saddle at 11:30 hrs. two and a half hours after arriving at Thorpe Creek.
From the Saddle we had a good view of Verdi Lake . After a steep walk down to Talbot Creek we caught the trail and followed it to Verdi Lake. We arrived at Verdi Lake at 13:10 hrs. We took a break at Verdi and then started the 600 ft. climb out of Verdi to Lamoille Canyon. After 6 1/2 hours of hiking we arrived at the ridge between Verdi and Lamoille Canyon .
Hiking out of Verdi is a pretty hard hike and 6 1/2 hours of hiking already under our packs didn't make it any easier. At 14:55 hrs. we could see the Terraces Picnic area and by 15:40 hrs. we were finally at the road in Lamoille Canyon by the Terraces Picnic Area.


This hike can be done in two days but would be better as a three day hike. The hike starts out easy from the trailhead at Soldier Creek clear until Robinson Lake. The walk from Robinson Lake to Cold Lakes is not bad either. The climb out of Cold Lakes is steep but once you get on top it is easy walking until Thorpe Creek. From Thorpe Creek on it is not so easy. You have a 1,600 ft climb out of Thorpe Creek. Then you have a steep 800 ft. descent to the trail to Verdi Lake. Once you are at Verdi Lake there is a very steep 600 ft. climb to get out of Verdi Lake. Once you can see Lamoille Canyon things get real bad. The hardest part of the hike is from above Lamoille Canyon to the road.

A look back toward Cold Lakes.