Thee Ruby Crest Trail 1999

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This is about my hike on the Ruby Crest Trail in North Eastern Nevada. The trail is around 32 miles long and is located in the Ruby Mountains. A lot of the trail is in the Ruby Mountain Wilderness Area. The trail took me a day and a half to hike. I figure I was covering around 20 miles a day.

The elevation at the trail head at Harrison Pass is around 7,300 feet. You could also start at lamoille Canyon if you wanted, but I chose Harrison Pass. The trail head in Lamoille Canyon is around 8,400 feet in elevation.

I started the hike with a 28 pound pack at 06:15 hours at Harrison Pass . I walked the road in and made it to the Ruby Crest Trail trail head at 08:47 hours. There I took a break and watched four mule deer walk past. I started hiking again at 09:10 hours. A little way down the trail I ran into a beaver dam which actually blocked the trail.

The trees on this part of the hike were a nice change to what I usually hike in. I welcomed the nice green view. I made it to McCutcheon Creek at 10:05 hours and filled up on water. I left there at 10:23 hours. From here the trail was up and down. The trail goes up out of McCutcheon Creek and then it would drop down into one of the three forks of Smith Creek. Up and down time after time and this went on until I was above Overland Lake.

I arrived on top of the mountain above Overland Lake at 15:40 hours. On the way up above Overland Lake I ran into a herd of sheep grassing on the slope. I thought it was a neat sight especially when I saw the wall tent and camp of the shepherd.

I made it to Overland Lake at 16:24 hours and after eating energy bars all day lunch was great. Overland Lake is around 9,000 feet in elevation. It is one of my favorite lakes. I headed out of there at 16:55 hours and hiked passed some beautiful scenery on the way to my camp. I hiked until 1915 hours and called it quits for the night at an elevation around 9,600 feet.

I camped by the back of Long Canyon right off of the trail and fired up my stove to cook supper while I watched the sunlight disappear. On this day I had seen eight mule deer, a bunch of sheep, a few horses, and a wild turkey track plus a golden eagle.

The next mourning I had breakfast done and everything packed up and put away at 06:30 hours on the mourning of the 26 of Aug. 99 and down the trail I went. Actually it was up the trail for a while.

The hike that mourning was fairly level as I hiked across the spine of the Rubies at elevations between 10,000-10,600 feet. The trail lead me right passed Long Canyon and then passed a canyon that held Mahogany Creek. I arrived at Wines peak at 09:55 hours. Wines Peaks elevation is 10,893 feet. The view from the top of Wines Peak made me forget that I had been hiking for almost four hours already. From the top of Wines Peak I could see Liberty Pass which I still had to cross over.

After a few pictures I started hiking again. A while later I was passed North Furlong Lake and was on a ridge ready to drop down into the canyon that holds kleckner Creek. I stopped and looked back toward Wines peak again.

The hike from here to Favre went by pretty fast. I arrived at Favre Lake at 11:18 hours and I was at liberty Pass at 12:53 hours. I was at the end of the road in Lamoille Canyon at 14:32 hours. I should warn you. When I hiked this water was scarce between Overland Lake and North Furlong Lake which is around 12 miles of trail.

This was a great hike. My favorite part was from just before Overland Lake clear to Lamoille Canyon which is most of the hike. I kind of skipped over everything from Favre Lake to the end of the road in lamoille Canyon because that information is covered in detail with photos in the Lakes page and Trail info page on this site. Look under Liberty, Favre, Castle, & Lamoille Lakes.

For a map of the Ruby Crest Trail go to Trimble Outdoors for a map of my 2009 hike.