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Backpacking in the Ruby gives you information on.
  • Trails
  • Wildlife
  • Lakes
  • Weather Conditions

  • in the Ruby Mountains in Northeastern Nevada.

    Trails. Our most popular hikes are.

  • Ruby Crest Trail - A natoinaly known 32 mile thru hike.
  • Lamoille Lake Trail - 2 miles one way. You can see Lamoille and Dollar Lakes.
  • Island Lake Trail - 1.7 miles one way. This hike is has great views of Lamoille Canyon.
  • Lamoille - Talbot Trail - Our newest trail.

  • Loop Hikes.
  • Lakes Loop Hike - Our largest Loop hike at 19 miles long.
  • Little Lakes Loop Hike - A smaller version of the Lakes Loop Hike at 10 miles long.

  • There are many other hikes both on and off trail. Many of these hikes have been tracked and
    can be loaded into Google Earth to be viewed in 3D or downloaded as .GPX files from Trimble Outdoors for free.

    Wildlife. Rare wildlife for the state and the country.

  • Himalayan Snowcock
  • Bighorn Sheep
  • Mountain Goats

  • Plus photos of these and many other animals like the:
  • Mule Deer.
  • Black Rosy Finch.
  • Pika.

  • Weather Updates.

  • Our facebook page is updated a few times a month with road and snow conditions.
  • plus information on wildlife viewing in Lamoille Canyon.

  • Facts about the Rubies.

  • Around 60 miles long.
  • 10 to 12 miles wide.
  • Ruby Dome is the highest peak at 11,387 feet.
  • 10 peaks over 10,000 feet in elevation.
  • Over 20 lakes
  • Echo Lake is the largest lake at 155 feet deep and 29 acres in size.
  • 90,000 acres of wilderness area.
  • The base of the Rubies are at an elevation of 6500 feet.

  • Year-round entertainment.

  • Mid July thru October - you can enjoy hiking in the higher elevations.
  • November thru May - View Bighorn Sheep and Mountain Goats in Lamoille Canyon.
  • Winter - Lamoille Canyon road is used by snowmobiles, cross country skiers, snowshoers and hikers.
  • June - A good time to hike in the lower elevations and play in the snow up high.

  • More information.

  • Ruby - A great site by George Sheaks.
  • Grey Jay Press - A site with books for the Ruby Mountains and Great Basin.

  • Go To Information About Mountain Goats. Go To Information About Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep Go To Photos of Mule Deer. Go To Information On Himalayan Snowcock. Go To Photos of Lakes.

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